Dan John’s 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge – Day 2 and Rest Day

Yesterday was Day 2 in the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge, today is a rest day. Instead of squats, I performed a strict overhead barbell press with my 5RM. So it went like this:

10 kettlebell swings

1 OH press

15 kettlebell swings

2 OH press

25 kettlebell swings

3 OH press

50 kettlebell swings

Rest and repeat 4 more times.

On picking up the kettlebell for the first time it felt like a 32.....but after the cobwebs were blasted away, the workout was more manageable than yesterday. The experience of having done it before helped, but I'm not sure the overhead press requires quite as much from you as a front squat. I got through yesterday slightly quicker than Day 1, pacing myself better and requiring less rest before heading into the presses.

Image of hand with callusts and tape

If only skin was made of zinc oxide tape

The destruction of my hands continues, but a days rest will (might) do them the world of good. Although I try to take my time to be strict on form when under fatigue, the fact that my hamstrings and glutes have gone on strike from the sheer volume of swings, this has caused some subsequent tightness in my lower back. I'm off to get a massage to ease things out today. Based on how tight I feel, this could be worse than the workout!

I'm glad its tough, and although I know there is far more discomfort to come, I'm strangely looking forward to it!

1,000 swings down - 9,000 to go.